40 Days of V.I.P Prayer

Do you think you know what God might be asking us as a church in Bedhampton to do? Join us for 40 Days of V.I.P Prayer. From the 1st of May until June 9th 2019 we shall cry out to hear what God might be calling us to do and be. You can download a 40 days sheet here.

Pray five minutes a day for God’s V.I.P for Bedhampton and note what you hear and what comes to mind in prayer. Send feedback to Max@Bedhampton.church or drop a note into the parish office.

Vision – What we aspire to be.
What has God called us to grow in and move towards?

Identity – Who we are.
As God’s people what are the nuances of who we are?

Purpose – What we do.
How do we actually love God and people?


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