Bedhampton – The Way Forward

This may be a bit long but read on to see how we hope to serve Bedhampton.

As a church, we are thankful that we are called to be and serve here in Bedhampton. Our parish stretches west to Rectory Avenue in Farlington, north to Purbrook Way, east to Barncroft Way, and south to the coastline. There are 10,000 people in our community so there is plenty we can do and be here. The questions is how do we understand what God want’s us to do? To start with we welcome your input and you can email Max our church leader at anytime.

Also, over the next four months, as we seek God in His Vision, Identity and Purpose for Bedhampton, there will be some ‘Around The Table’ times together. These will include a small talk to generate discussion, prayer, sung worship, conversation and a ‘bring and share’ meal. Lasting around an hour and a half long. The first of these will be 5.30pm on Sunday 13th January at St Nicholas Church. Anyone is welcome old, young, churchgoer, or not, just message Max Rector@Bedhampton.Church to let him know your coming.

We have a proud history over the centuries of being a church in Bedhampton, now we want to be a church for Bedhampton in this century. Will you join us in working out what that means?