Messy Moses

Our Message: Even if we seem helpless God can use us for good

Our Hero: MOSES – helpless baby to great leader

Our story:

The story of Moses and the people of Israel returning from slavery in Egypt can be found in books 2 – 5 of the Old Testament part of the Bible. Today we will look at the part of Moses’ life from when he was a baby in Egypt to when he guided the people through the Sinai Desert back towards their promised home in Canaan. (Exodus 1 – 20). Moses didn’t reach it. After he died it was the task of God’s messenger, Joshua, to take them across the River Jordan and help them to set up their home.
This is long and difficult reading so we suggest you watch the video of the story of Moses in the Beginners’ Bible. Many families will know about ‘Moses in the bulrushes’. He was a weak and helpless baby who was brought up by an Egyptian princess. Throughout his life he had to overcome his weaknesses to do what God asked of him. However, he became a great leader who followed God faithfully and lead His people
out of slavery. This is our message today – that we can do great things for God even if we seem helpless.


See following pages for instructions. Hopefully you will have most of the materials needed. You just need to decide which activities are suitable for the age group of your family.

You can download the full Messy Sunday activity book here or the individual pages below.

  1. Make a basket for baby Moses
  2. Make an Egyptian cartouche
  3. Make a pyramid gift box
  4. Make a ‘Burning Bush’
  5. Make an origami frog
  6. Make a model of crossing the Red Sea
  7. Make a bookmark
  8. Do an edible craft!
  9. Complete the emoji 10 Commandments!
  10. Make a folding book about Moses
  11. Prayer Shack – ‘Basket prayers’
  12. Have a quiet time colouring and puzzling
    1. Colouring and Puzzling 1
    2. Colouring and Puzzling 2
    3. Colouring and Puzzling 3
    4. Colouring and Puzzling 4
    5. Colouring and Puzzling 5
    6. Colouring and Puzzling 6
    7. Colouring and Puzzling 7

Song – ‘The Way of the Brave’ by !Audacious Kids

Story Song – The Baby in the Basket – Written by Bob Hartman and Sam Hargreaves

Song – You Are Young


No Messy Sunday session would be complete without food! If you have sausages this week how about having gravy as the River Nile, mash as a basket and a sausage as Moses! Try it!

I hope you will also try one of the edible crafts – in which case there’s your pudding! Of course God gave the hungry Israelites in the desert ‘manna’ to eat – it fell from the sky.

All because Moses did what God wanted him to do!