Messy Palm Sunday

Sunday 5th April 2020 is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week which leads up to Easter in the Christian calendar. The markers in the week are: Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. If you have a Parish Magazine you will find more information on page 3.

Palm Sunday

In our virtual Palm Sunday we first walk up from St Thomas’ Church to St Nicholas’ Church following some donkeys and waving leaves and palm crosses. This represents Jesus riding into Jerusalem in triumph. The people lined the road cheering and shouting ‘Hosanna!’ he came as a King – but He was riding on a donkey. What kind of a King was he?

Read : Matthew 21 v 1-11. This is a passage from the Bible which tells this part of the story. Use a suitable version for your family – toddler, children’s, youth Bible. Or look online by clicking the link above or this one: DLTK’s Bible Stories.


See following pages for instructions. Hopefully you will have most of the materials needed. You just need to decide which activities are suitable for the age group of your family.

You can download the full Messy Palm Sunday activity book here or the individual pages below.

  1. Make a Palm Cross
  2. Make a card donkey with ‘peg legs’!
  3. Make a nail and wool heart
  4. Decorate a paper plate and cup
  5. Make a placemat for each member of the family
  6. Make a black and white cross
  7. Make a fold and tear cross
  8. Make a rolling marble picture
  9. Make or buy and decorate biscuits or cakes
  10. Make an Easter Garden
  11. Prayer Shack – Easter thoughts
  12. Have a quiet time colouring and puzzling


Sing a song of actions to the king on Palm Sunday.


Our friend Peter shows us how to pray.



Remember God loves you.

You’ll probably eat hot cross buns and chocolate eggs over the Easter week!


You’ll probably eat hot cross buns and chocolate eggs over the Easter weekend (and at other times!). Both of these are meaningful for Christians at Easter. The cross on the bun reminds us of Jesus dying on a cross to save us. We remember this on Good Friday. The eggs remind us of new life and that Jesus rose from the dead. We celebrate this on Easter Sunday!