Messy Paul

Our Message: We should share the Good News of Jesus for good

Our Hero: PAUL – adventurer committed to Jesus

Our story:

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, He went up to heaven. As He promised, the Holy Spirit came to the disciples and other followers of Jesus. We celebrate this at Pentecost which was last Sunday. This was the beginning of the Church. Christians were on fire for Jesus and went everywhere telling people the Good News about His life and message. To start with they thought the message was only for the Jews but when Paul came along he spoke to the Gentiles – people who were not Jews. That is why Paul is so important for us because he began to spread the message about Jesus in Europe and so it came to us. That is how the UK became a Christian country!

Paul had a very exciting and difficult life. He had lots of amazing adventures and suffered many hardships. You can read about this in the Bible in the book called the Acts of the Apostles. As part of his work he wrote many letters both to churches and individuals. Out of 27 books in the New Testament he wrote 13!

Story Videos

The activitie are below the videos but before that you can find his story in two videos on YouTube. Look at: Saddleback kids St Paul’s ministry (3min) here: or below.

And then at Sharefaith kids St Paul’s missionary journeys (4min) here: or below.


See following pages for instructions. Hopefully you will have most of the materials needed. You just need to decide which activities are suitable for the age group of your family.

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You can download all the activities in one file here or the individual pages below.

  1. Make a mini campsite scene
  2. Construct a ‘tent’ den
  3. Make hand shadows
  4. Make a friendship bracelet
  5. Do an edible craft!
  6. Make a boat – and sink it!
  7. Make your own jig saw
  8. Make a thaumatrope!
  9. Can you make a poisonous snake?
  10. Prayer Shack – Write a letter …………
  11. Have a quiet time colouring and puzzling


Enjoy some songs and dance before you have a munch.

This Little Light Of Mine

Every Move I Make | Dance-A-Long


No Messy Sunday session would be complete without food!
What sort of food would you take on a camping trip? Maybe picnic food like sandwiches and fruit – or perhaps a BBQ?
If you set up some kind of ‘tent’ in your house or garden perhaps you could eat a meal in your tent?