Messy Sunday – Church Assemble

Our Message: Church Assemble! One body of misfits unites to form an unbeatable team! (You know – like the Superhero Avengers!)
Our Heroes: Us – (and The Avengers)

Our Story

Can be found in the New Testament – 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 This is a letter written by the apostle Paul (we’ve come across him before) to the new church in Corinth. Hopefully you will remember that Paul wrote lots of letters – sometimes to tell people off for doing the wrong thing and often to be encouraging. In this letter it’s both. He wanted the people to understand that they were all different but equally important in the church and they all had something vital to do in the church family. Some people in the church seemed to think they were more important than others and he points out that we are like a body – no part can work properly on it’s own. We shall see today how, when we all work together, we can really be Jesus’ body on earth – we can share the Good News and encourage people to live God’s way and not their own. We are God’s Team!

Come On In To Messy Church At Home


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The Avengers Assemble

In this film there is a dangerous enemy threatening the safety of the world. The leader who is in charge of international defence decides that no single Superhero can deal with this immense problem and so gathers a group of them in the hope that together they will beat the enemy. He calls Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Incredible Hulk (and Black Widow ‘cos she’s a girl and you’ve got to have at least one!). Each character brings their own strengths – flight, armour, a shield, a hammer, intelligence, cleverness …….. When they
work together they form a powerful team, they support each other and, of course, finally defeat the enemy!

The activities are below but before you can find more about our topic in this video.


See following pages for instructions. Hopefully you will have most of the materials needed. You just need to decide which activities are suitable for the age group of your family.

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You can download all the activities in one file here or the individual pages below.

  1. Make a Superhero outfit.
  2. Superhero mask template
  3. Superhero shield and bookmarks
  4. Superhero pixel art
  5. Cooking for superheroes
  6. Split pin and junk bodies
  7. Bodies and limbs
  8. ‘Senses’ – edible!
  9. ‘Hands & Feet’
  10. Prayer shack – the church is a team
  11. Have a quiet time colouring & puzzling!


Enjoy some songs and dance before you have a munch.


There was plenty to make on this months video and web page. Now enjoy the superhero taste.