Messy Sunday – Three Women Who Changed Their Community

Our Message: We should find ways to use our God given talents to help our community
Our Heroes: Rahab the Rescuer Deborah the Leader & Esther the Defender. Three women in the Bible who Changed their Community

Our Story

Rahab lived in a city called Jericho. It was a place where many bad things happened and God was not pleased with the people who lived there. Two Hebrew spies were sent to find out what was going on in the city. Rahab rescued the spies by hiding them in her home. She helped them escape – they climbed down a rope which she hung from a high window. Later she and her family were rescued by God before He destroyed Jericho (Joshua 2)

Deborah was a judge and a prophet and a leader of Israel whose people were being badly treated. She listened to God who one day told her that her people should rise up against their oppressors. She was brave and went with the army and they won. After that they had peace for many years. (Judges 4).

Esther was a beautiful Israelite girl who became Queen when she married King Xerxes. He reigned over many different groups of people including the Israelites. The King was persuaded by some bad men to hurt the Israelites ut Esther bravely stood up for her people. She cleverly planned a huge banquet when she asked the King not to harm them because she was also an Israelite. He agreed and so she protected them from harm. It was important that she was in the right place at the right time (Esther).

Come On In To Messy Church At Home

If you watch above the videos should play in a row, but if not here is the list.

Story Videos

The activities are below the but before you can find more about our heroes in these videos.





See following pages for instructions. Hopefully you will have most of the materials needed. You just need to decide which activities are suitable for the age group of your family.

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You can download all the activities in one file here or the individual pages below.

  1. Be a spy with secret messages
  2. Help the spies escape
  3. Red cord prayers
  4. Make a collage of Deborah
  5. Do an edible craft!
  6. Make a sword bookmark
  7. Make Esther a crown
  8. Make sweets for a banquet
  9. Prepare for a banquet
  10. Prayer Shack
  11. Have a quiet time colouring and puzzling


Enjoy some songs and dance before you have a munch.

The Incredible Song – Doug Horley/Duggie Dug Dug

You are so incredible that you can change your community.

God can do anything – Doug Horley/Duggie Dug Dug

And so can you with God.


No Messy Sunday session would be complete without food!
Which means now is the time to have that banquet.