That Special “Oomph” – Clive Williams

What is it, I wonder, that gives you that special “oomph” when you wake up in the morning?
Perhaps you have recently got married, and are still experiencing those initial magical moments of discovery and amazement in your new situation. Maybe you find yourself waking up in what is now your very own home. You know that you have jobs planned for today which will enable you to make your home even more comfortable and welcoming. These tasks are not chores, but will be a labour of love. Your efforts will yield benefits to be enjoyed for a long time to come.

Perhaps you awake refreshed and revitalised because you have been blessed with children. There’s no doubt that for most parents, the delight in having youngsters to nurture is one of the great rewards for having taken on the responsibilities of parenthood. Maybe you’re older still, and find yourself waking with pleasure at the arrival of each new day. It is something to be greeted with enthusiasm, and the wisdom and experience of age can add depth and anticipation to the prospect of getting out of bed.

But what about those people who dread the new day. Those who suffer recurrent pain; those whose families are fragmented, dysfunctional, or remote; those who try to hold down jobs which demand more of them than is reasonable; those who see nothing to excite or encourage them as the sun rises once more. Well I could say that this is where God comes in, and although that’s obviously true, it’s not the whole picture by any means. He does, certainly, long to comfort and support us in our times of added pressure and distress; and for those who invite him to do so, the benefits are very real.

But how much better, surely, for us to involve God in our lives when they’re going smoothly, and we’re not just calling on Him to sort out our problems. After all, would you like a friend who only called on you when they were in distress? I thought not. So get to know God when the times are good, and then you won’t need to call for Him when they’re tough, for He’ll already be there with you.