Vision . Identity . Purpose

Our Purpose

In other words, why do we as a church in Bedhampton exist? After some considerable input, thought and prayer we concluded that there were two main reasons we exist in Bedhampton.

  • To serve the people of Bedhampton.
  • To share God’s love and friendship.

We have summarised this into one sentence:

Serving the community of Bedhampton
by sharing God’s love and friendship.

Our Vision

We know we are not there yet, but what do we aspire to be, to enable our purpose? Again after much prayer and input, we concluded that as we walk forward these are the main focuses of our growth, that direct our decisions.

In Bedhampton Parish we seek:

  • To be part of the whole community building relationships and seeing God’s Kingdom come.
  • To be a place where the community gathers for celebration and commemoration from birth to grave.
  • To enable all ages to grow in discipleship and faith in small groups whilst giving and receiving support, love and practical help.
  • To be a place where all ages gather together to worship God in a range of expressions.

Our Identity

What type of people are we aiming to be such that we can fulfil our Vision and our Purpose? Well, that is part of the journey we are on to discover. We know that we are children of our Father God, filled with His Spirit and loved such that Jesus came looking for us.

We know that we are to:

  • Act justly.
  • Love mercy.
  • Walk humbly with our God.

The rest we are discovering en route. Do come and join us on the journey.

Your Part

Now over to you. Our desire is that these are not simply words, but are actually how we walk towards our God in action. If you believe you know how we might better fulfil our VIP then let the church leader Max know.

Max Cross Senior Leader